ABI Attachments - Arena Rascal Pro 

ABI Attachments – Arena Rascal Pro 

You’ve spent a fortune on your arena and horses.

Don’t cut costs on your arena drag.

Poor quality footing is directly responsible for 80% of horse soundness problems.

ABI Attachments Arena Rascal Pro is America’s bestselling ATV & UTV arena drag! Its versatility enables it to professionally drag horse arenas, grade gravel driveways, prepare seedbeds, and even breaking up manure in the pasture! The Arena Rascal Pro is built with patented technologies allowing the user unprecedented control over it’s grooming depth and aggressiveness.

The patented Profile Blade attachment ensures that what the horse and rider see on the top surface, is also what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate into the footing material! This technology is a game-changer that helps reduce vet bills and increases training results by eliminating hidden dangers below the surface! This tool is built to last and is the most effective and versatile ATV style arena drag available.

Eliminate arena compaction and poor footing for a more enjoyable ride. For you and your pony.

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