ABI – Gravel Grader

ABI – Gravel Grader

One of the biggest challenges of acreage living is keeping your gravel driveway smooth.

Most scrapers and drags are too cheap and too light to be effective.

But if you don’t want a big tractor or skid loader you have few options.

The ABI Gravel Grader is a lawn mower attachment that does the real work needed to properly renovate and prepare your gravel driveway. Unlike many foreign and cheaply made gravel driveway groomers today, ABI has chosen to build this quality product in the USA.

It features Coiled Springs, Crown Control capabilities, and an adjustable grading box. The ABI Gravel Grader is the only gravel attachment that will do real work from behind a riding lawnmower! If you are looking for a grading attachment for your mower, that is performance-oriented and cost-effective, this is it.

Washboard abs, good. Washboard driveway, bad.