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Press Materials for Huemer Fruit Collector Giveaway

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Type 1100



“To celebrate one year, Ruralistic is giving away to one lucky winner a Huemer Type 1100 Fruit Collector valued at $3,000. We’ll even cover shipping it to your acreage or farm.”

Craig Dick - Founder of Ruralistic

“The Huemer Fruit Collectors are just the sort of equipment that we wanted to use on our small orchard, but it wasn’t available in the United States. So last year Ruralistic imported a container of the machines and our customer are raving about them”

Craig Dick - Founder of Ruralistic

“We show acreage owners the latest products and help them make informed decisions on products and services. These are products and services our editors have used and tested or are planning to buy for use on their acreages."

Craig Dick -President of Ruralistic

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