"PK Grills – Go Camp & Tailgate Grilling System"

When camping or tailgating you can use one of those cheap camp stoves that only cook two hamburgers at a time or you have to drag your big grill out.

Now you have another option. A well-built, charcoal grilling system that can expand as needed to feed your whole crew.

The PK PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grilling system comes with their cast iron grill & smoker. Which includes a cast iron cooking surface and charcoal grate. It also comes with the PKGO Flipkit which includes an additional cast-iron cooking surface and charcoal grate. This means you can expand your PKGO into two Hibachi-style grills and double your cooking area surface. This small but mighty grill has a proprietary venting shape for exceptional Two-Zone grilling. Enjoy superior direct high heat cooking and indirect low & slow cooking!

Cook more food using less equipment.

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