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4Most Innovations – Gotcha Sprayer Pro

4Most Innovations - Gotcha Sprayer Pro

You’ve heard the old saying, “It’s as easy as falling of a ladder”.

Well, 81% of fall injures treated in a hospital involved a ladder. So ya, your gonna fall off.

And living on an acreage means you are going to get wasp nests in your eves. But don’t get the ladder out and risk a serious injury.

The Gotcha Sprayer Pro is a professional grade aerosol spray can adapter that is mounted on an extension pole. It’s designed to work with a variety of standard aerosol spray cans like wasp and hornet spray, pruning compounds, and many more.

By eliminating the need to use a ladder or climb onto the roof you can save time and reduce the chance of an accidental fall. It will work with extension poles up to 24 feet long and perfect for professional or residential use. Pole not included.

If you do use a ladder to clear the wasp, make sure to get it on your Arlo… We look forward to seeing you on AFV.

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