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Aivituvin – Chicken Tractor, Chicken House for 2-4 Birds

Aivituvin - Chicken Tractor, Chicken House for 2-4 Birds

Are you just starting your flock? Did you know moving the coop to different locations can result in happier chickens and better quality eggs!

The Aivituvin Chicken Tractor is a moveable chicken coop for 2-4 Birds. It has two wheels on one end and handles for movement around your property. The two-section nesting box creates a quiet environment for raw eggs and to easily access eggs. The house a sliding window for air ventilation and includes a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. Includes ramps for your chicken to get in and out. The heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh and spring latch will keep chickens in and predators out. Comes in two boxes and assembly is required.

Keep your birds protected from cats, foxes, and more!

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