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American Giant – Compass Merino Full-Zip Hoodie

American Giant - Compass Merino Full Zip Hoodie

Hoodie season is here. Or will be shortly.

And since the hoodie is the new sport coat you need a top-quality piece.

The American Giant Compass Merino Full Zip Hoody is a custom developed blend of Merino wool and nylon blend (70%Merino, 30% nylon) that is plush and soft, but also durable. It has all the technical benefits of wool and controls odor and wicks moisture.

Technical enough for any of your activities yet refined enough to wear anywhere. American Giant is made in the USA. Keeping things local helps communities. Their specialty is making clothing that’s durable, not disposable.

No, your old hoodie looks great, the mustard stains really brings out the color of your eyes….

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