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App – Pollen Wise

App - Pollen Wise

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies which makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors?

Did you know that pollen and mold counts fluctuate throughout the day?

The Pollen Wise App lets you own your seasonal allergies. Using a robust network of sensors around the country, Pollen Wise provides up-to-date pollen counts to help users mitigate allergens and avoid seasonal allergy symptoms. The Act on Solutions tab will help you manage your allergy symptoms through educational articles that will help you raise your allergy IQ. If you have asthma, hay fever or seasonal allergies, knowing what is in the air right now is more valuable than knowing what was in yesterday’s air. Unlike your current pollen report or app, Pollen Wise connects you with timely information from new pollen sensors. They create reports every few minutes for an hourly average. For the first time, this kind of information helps you make decisions about your exposure to pollen. Available of Apple or Google.

Know what’s in your air and improve your outdoor enjoyment.

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