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ARES – 3-Piece Magnetic Tool Tray Set

ARES - 3-Piece Magnetic Tool Tray Set

Winter is a great time to hide out in the garage or shop and catch up on projects.

And if you are always losing nuts, bolts, screws, wrenches, or parts, then you need a magnet tray. As good as it is in the shop, it’s even better when you have to make repairs out in the lawn other parts of your property.

The ARES 3-Piece Magnetic Tool Tray Set uses super strong magnets that will hold nuts and bolts, parts, and small tools horizontally, vertically, and even upside down while staying securely mounted on any ferrous metal surface you choose. Made of heavy-gauge polished Stainless Steel, each tray’s magnets have a soft, rubberized covering so you can use them safely and prevent damage to your finished surfaces.

No more losing nuts, bolts, and screws while working on a project.

“If you do any type of repair work on your equipment, these are a must. Their even great for smaller projects on your workbench to keep track of small parts.” – Craig

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