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Argo – Sherp ATV Pro

Argo - Sherp ATV Pro

Do you have a cabin deep in the backwoods?

Need a simple and reliable rig that will take you anywhere in any conditions?

The Argo Sherp ATV Pro can tackle any terrain. Land, water, sand, swamp, ice, snow, and over obstacles up to 40 inches tall. It’s available in a fixed cab and pickup model. The pickup model allows for the back cover to come off allowing for easier access for loading and unloading in a work environment. The standard model provides more security and protection from the elements and offers the ability to add an optional AC unit. The tires inflate and deflate while on the go to ensure the right tire pressure no matter the terrain up to 25 miles an hour. With a low center of gravity, it can operate on grades up to 35 degrees. Oh and it’s amphibious, so you can use it on water. It’s perfect for driving on ice because if it breaks through, it floats.

Take a test drive next time you are in Florida.

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