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Arres – Telescoping Stainless Steel Roasting Stick Set

Arres - Telescoping Stainless Steel Roasting Stick Set

You are not taking full advantage of summer without S’mores.

And if your serious about getting the perfect toast of you marshmallow, then that old flimsy wire fork or a stick just won’t cut it.

The only thing worse than dropping your mallow in the fire is burning your hand on a cheap camp fork.

The Arres Telescoping Stainless Steel Roasting Stick set of 5 colorful-handled forks will make sure that you or your little ones won’t get their hands hurt or burned. Thanks to their long design (34”) and safety pins. Plus, the sticks can rotate to ensure that your marshmallows will be evenly roasted, while you don’t have to get near the fire to turn them around. 

Their collapsible design (from 34” to 10”) makes them the perfect portable cookware tool for camping or backyard barbecue. Along with your 5 different colors telescopic forks, you will also get a super useful orange canvas pouch, where you can keep your forks neatly organized till next time or carry them around with comfort! 

How can I have some more when I haven’t even had one yet?


“These work great. Easy to use, clean, and portable. Great for backyard fun or camping.” – Craig

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