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Ashman –  Black Ground Anchor

Ashman - Black Ground Anchor

You were having a nice little outdoor get-together when the wind came up and blew your canopy away. Then all the people on the other side of the picnic table jumped up to chase it and the picnic table filled over on you. It all could have been avoided.

Ashman – Black Ground Anchor package includes 4 Ground Anchors which are 1/4 inch in diameter and 15 inches tall. The ground augers can easily be inserted in the ground with help of a drill, using a 17 mm socket. Ground Anchor can be used for multiple purposes as swing set anchor canopy or tent anchor. The ground anchors are also useful for holding down goal soccer posts, trampolines, picnic tables, animal rope tie down, sheds, gazebos, and storage containers. They have a thick black powder coating and will last for several years to come.

Avoid a catastrophe and anchor your lightweight outdoor items.

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