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Audio Book – Good To Great

Good To Great

Going places and seeing people is canceled. Use the downtime to sharpen your saw.

Listening to audiobooks while walking the dog or working in your yard is a great way to get smarter and pass the time.

Whether you own or run a company, or just want to learn how to tell what makes a great company to breathe new life into your 401K, you cannot afford to ignore these findings.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, by Jim Collins is a study that

discovered the key determinants of greatness for companies.  Some of the key concepts discerned in the study fly in the face of our modern business culture and will, quite frankly, upset some people.

Using tough benchmarks, Collins and his research team identified a set of elite companies that made the leap to great results and sustained those results for at least fifteen years. After the leap, the good-to-great companies generated cumulative stock returns that beat the general stock market by an average of seven times in fifteen years, better than twice the results delivered by a composite index of the world’s greatest companies, including Coca-Cola, Intel, General Electric, and Merck.

Be a Hedgehog, understand what you can be the best at.


“Jim’s writing turns boring analytical data into entertaining stories that I actually enjoy reading and listening to.”  -Craig

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