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Avalanche – 1000 & 500 Roof Snow Removal System

Avalanche - 1000 & 500 Roof Snow Removal System

Icicles hanging along the eaves of your house may look beautiful, but they can tear off gutters, loosen shingles and cause water to back up into your house.

But you don’t want to use a shovel to clear the snow from your roof.

1000 Combo & 500 Roof Snow Removal System is the ultimate show removal 2 in1 Combo. Includes the AVA500 for Asphalt shingle roofs and a universal adaptor and a 24 in. SnowRake Deluxe rake head, both share the same extendable fiberglass pole. Use the 24 in. Snow Rake Deluxe to quickly clear light power show before it turns to ice, or switch to the AVA500 Snow blade with its unique extendable slide to quickly cut through heavy or wet snow. Designed and battle-tested in Minnesota. The 500 model includes 1.5 in. wheels designed to protect your roof. Includes a 16 ft. lightweight fiberglass handle that breaks down to 4’ sections for easy storage. Snap together assembly, no tools needed.

Stay safe on the ground and protect your house with this combo roof rake system.

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