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Ballard – Magnetic Rechargeable LED 12″ Light Bar

Ballard - Magnetic Rechargeable LED 12

You’ve upgraded to a zero-tun mower but it doesn’t have lights. And sometimes you need a little light to finish up that mowing job at the end of the day before it rains. Having a battery-powered light bar you can add without hardwiring it to your machine is the best way to get that extra light.

The Ballard Magnetic Rechargeable LED 12″ Light Bar is the first of its kind magnetic mount, 5600 Lumen, USB rechargeable, constant-on mode, or safety flash option. Fully charges in 7-8 hours with up to 10-hour runtime. Designed for the commercial Lawn Care Pro it will hold up to acreage owners who trying to finish up before the sunsets.

Heavy-duty soft-touch magnets lock it firmly on your mower, yet you can move it to other equipment when needed.

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