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Barebones – Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Barebones - Cowboy Fire Pit Grill

Fire pits have been the gathering spot and kitchen for millennia. And for some reason food just tastes better when it’s been cooked over an open flame. But traditional firepits aren’t built for cooking and you can’t take them with you.

The Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill is an all-in-one fire pit and cooking station. Built from durable solid steel for a lifetime of use. It is a complete, modular system that serves as a gathering spot and versatile cooking station. The large bowl allows for the use of good-sized logs. The height-adjustable grill grate and pole allow you to dial in the level of heat you cook with and you can cook directly on the grill grate or use pots and pans. In grill mode, the legs lift the bowl to a comfortable height, 36 inches off the ground. You can remove the longer legs and convert to a fire pit with shorter legs that lift the bowl 9 inches off the ground. Breaks down easily for storage.

Great for the backyard, tailgates, campouts, and more!

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