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Barnwood USA – Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

Barnwood USA - Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

Nothing is classier than having unique found pieces to accent your living space.

The hard part is finding them. And since there weren’t many options to get out and find stuff this year, we’ve found it for you!

The Barnwood USA Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Ladder is hand-made, no two ladders in the world are identical. Each has its own distinct character, so you’ll have a one-of-a-kind ladder shelf whether you choose our Natural Weathered Gray, White Wash, Smoky Black, Espresso Brown, or Turquoise. Hang it vertically, or lean it against a wall to give your room that three-dimensional decorative art. Use it to hold blankets, quilts, or anything else you can imagine. The best part is…there’s no assembly required! When your blanket ladder arrives, it’ll be ready to enjoy this wonderful piece of farmhouse decor the moment you get it.

Your spouse, mom, and sister will love it!

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