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Beachroller – Lake Weed Removal Tool

Beachroller - Lake Weed Removal Tool

Does your pond or lake have excessive weeds in the beach area?

Nobody wants to swim with a sloppy overgrown lake bottom.

Maintain your beach and make frolicking in the water more enjoyable.

The Beachroller lake weed removal tool is simple to use, just put the roller in the water. Let the roller fill with water and sink to the lake bottom. Push the Beachroller along the lake bottom. The six stainless steel blades cut, rip and pull up weeds and muck. Repeat until your lake, pond, or river bottom area is clean.

The Beachroller cleans a 2-foot wide path up to 16 feet out.  It cuts plus pulls weeds out by the root. Loosens and rips up the muck on the bottom. Leaving you with a hard sandy bottom, without putting expensive and harmful chemicals in your lake. No power required. No permit required. No maintenance. Comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts.

Who doesn’t like a hard sandy bottom…

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