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Behrens – 1-Bushel Basket Round Galvanized Steel Tub

Behrens - 1-Bushel Basket Round Galvanized Steel Tub

A 5-gallon bucket is the go-to choice for most tasks when it comes to moving loose material like grain, dirt, and fertilizer. But sometimes you need a container that is bigger. Sometimes you have bulker items that don’t fit well in a bucket.

The Behrens 1 Bushel Basket Round Galvanized Steel Tub is stronger than plastic and double the size of a 5-gallon bucket. It is constructed from durable galvanized steel, it has large sturdy handles, a convex bottom and a wire reinforced top rim providing long-lasting use. Designed with a vintage style and ideal for use as a storage container or a display piece. Designed for dry storage only, the tub will not absorb odors.

Great for the garden but also as an ice bucket or flower planter!

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