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Bellingham – Waterproof Insulated Barn Gloves

Bellingham - Waterproof Insulated Barn Gloves

Do you have outdoor pets or livestock?

Then you will at some point have to fix a waterer, wash down a barn or do some other water-related chore in the winter.

The only thing worse than wet, cold, frozen hands is the pain when they thaw out when you are down with your chores.

The Bellingham Waterproof Insulated Barn Gloves offer a flexible PVC exterior and an insulated, fleece-lined interior that will keep your hands warm and dry during the harshest winter conditions. These gloves can stay flexible to -4ºF, making them perfect for use in the barn and in and around the stable. 100% waterproof with a textured coating provides excellent grip. Comes in a variety of size to fit any hand size.

Great for snow blowing too!

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