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Besmon – Plastic Owl Scarecrow Sculpture with Rotating Head

Besmon - Plastic Owl Scarecrow Sculpture with Rotating Head

Do you have swallows trying to build nests on your house? Perhaps a male cardinal is pecking at your window first thing in the morning.

Since migratory birds are protected, the best thing you can do is scare them off with a natural predictor.

The Besmon Plastics Owl Scarecrow Sculpture with Rotating Head will keep pesky swallows, male cardinals, and other pests away. The 1:1 imitation design and paint paired with the wind-controlled rotating mechanism, when the wind blows the baffle, the owl’s head rotates with the wind. Just like a real owl! The owl scarecrow is painted with non-fading and water-proof paint so it will hold up for years in the outdoors. Place it in the garden, patio, porch, or other outbuildings you want to keep pest away from. It can be easily placed on a stick or pole with a hollow bottom or filled with sand and set on a shelf.

Also works great to keep birds from pooping on the kids playgrounds.

“We’ve had one of these for years and whenever we have problems with swallows or cardinals, this guy scares them away.” – Craig

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