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BigRed – Heavy Duty Creeper

BigRed - Heavy Duty Creeper

When it’s too cold and windy to work outside, do you find yourself in the garage?

And while working on a project have you used a bucket for a seat?

Buckets are great until they collapse or you fall over while you’re sitting on them. It’s not a matter of if, only when…

The BigRed Heavy Duty Creeper has a 300 pound capacity and adjustable seat height for more comfort. The seat is made with full steel construction and heavy-duty design including a large tool tray to conveniently store tools. The fully padded seat brings comfortable that a bucket cant. With heavy-duty 2.5 in casters have 360-degree rotation you can move freely around your project without getting up.

Use your buckets for what they were intended, storing stuff you’ll never use.

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