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Black Duck Seeds- 30 Pack of Seeds

black duck seed

Most likely your local store is stocked back up with fruits and veggies.

So don’t get these because you are worried about food.

Get them because growing your own food is a great way to spend the time outdoors.
Get them because they’ll taste better than anything store-bought.
Get them now because they are half the price of in the store and if you wait they’ll be gone.

This Black Duck Brand seed kit contains 30 Packs of Seeds! They are 2020 year stock and have been tested to ensure germination within 7-14 days. It contains herbs and veggies.

Included Varieties are Chicago Pickling Cucumber, White Spine Cucumber, Table Queen Squash, Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet Corn, Country Gentleman Sweet Corn, Collards, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Spinach, Coriander Cilantro, Parris Island Romaine, Zucchini Black Squash, MarketMore Cucumber, Peas, Garden Wax Bean, Green Pod Garden Bean, Detroit Beet, Cherry Tomato, Rutgers Tomato, Chili Pepper, Beefsteak Tomato, Straightneck Squash, Carrot, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Green Pepper, Champion Radish, Broccoli, Purple Top Turnip, and Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin. All Seeds are Heirloom varieties.

If we’re all still stuck at home in 30 days, you’ll be glad you’ll have another outdoor activity.

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