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Bonnie Plants – Sweet Mint

Bonnie 19.3-oz in Pot Sweet Mint

Sure they sell mint in those packs at the store.

But those packs are expensive and you never have it around when you need to make a mojito or and a little zing to fresh fruit.

Besides, mint is very easy to grow.

Bonnie Plant Sweet Mint is the classic mint variety, with extra-large, fragrant leaves that lend themselves beautifully to chopping and crushing for use in desserts, and drinks. Harvest often to encourage bushy growth.

Plants grow easily and quickly, and because it’s a spreading plant can take over the garden if you’re not careful. Pro-Tip, find a 5-gallon bucket that blends nicely with your mulch or paint the top to match. Remove the handle and cut the bottom out. Bury the bucket so about 3 inches will stick up above the mulch/soil. Plant the mint in the bucket to keep it from spreading around your garden.

On-demand mojito’s. You’re welcome.

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