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Book – Remote Places to Stay

Remote Places to Stay

As a Ruralist, you’ve chosen to live a lifestyle that affords you open space and access to nature.

So why would you ever think of vacationing at some over-priced, over-crowded tourist trap?

Get your digital detox on. Get off-the-grid and away from busy resorts. Ditch lines. Avoid the crowds and noise for a far-flung hotel that will refuel your wanderlust.

Silence. Calm. Open spaces. These are the new luxuries. In our always-on, connected era, it’s now more crucial to disconnect and slow down.

Discover truly magical places in Remote Places to Stay by Gestalten. Learn about remote locations around the world, from Africa to the Arctic, that will help you disconnect from modern life and enter a state of wonder.

Remote Places to Stay shares 22 out-of-the-way places where you can get off the grid and reconnect to the essentials surrounded by raw, pristine nature. Some of these remote places are only accessible by foot, others by train, small boat, or bush plane.

Exploring the pages of Remote Places to Stay is a visual journey you will never forget…unless you actually visit one of these amazing locations.

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