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Book – Tag, Toss & Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games

Book - Tag, Toss & Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games

I’m bored. There’s nothing to do. I don’t want to do that.

Are these familiar comments from the kids?

If screen time and home school aren’t keeping them occupied, get them outside and moving.

Tag, Toss & Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games, authors Paul Tukey and Victoria Rowell provide a quick overview of the basic structure of each game, then offer playing strategies and tips for creating fun variations. Spice up those long quarantine afternoons with some old-fashioned friendly competition.

Get the whole gang outside and enjoy hours of family fun! Discover the pleasures of lawn games with this guide to 40 time-tested favorites — from classics like capture the flag, croquet, badminton, and bocce to the lesser-known Cherokee marbles and kubb. Brush up on the rules of your favorite classics (plus learn a few new ones!) and begin some new family traditions with your own kids.

You should take a break too. You have time, now that Carol from accounting isn’t constantly telling you about her cats.

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