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Braun – 18,000 Lumen LED Detachable Work Light

Braun - 18,000 Lumen LED Work Light

The days are getting shorter and if you still have lots of projects to finish, then supplemental light is a must. Why try to get buy with your kid holding a flashlight….

The Braun 18,000 Lumen LEDWork Light is designed with a brilliant 18,000-lumen dual headlamp for 4X brighter light than standard LED work lights. Fully adjustable individual lights provide wider light angles. Ideal for painting, plumbing, and a variety of repair jobs. The super bright LED light source stays cooler and lasts longer than incandescent bulbs. Bright 5000 K daylight color temperature. Water-resistant for outdoor use.

Save your kids the trauma of holding a flashlight and get the light right where you need it.

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