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Broilmaster- Cast Iron Smoking Box

Broilmaster Cast Iron Wood Chip Box

Perhaps you didn’t plan ahead to smoke that brisket.

Maybe you just want to make a quick burger on your gas grill and still get some of that smoky flavor.

Then you need a wood smoker box for your gas grill.

The Broilmaster heavy-duty, cast iron smoker box, includes removable vented lid. This can be used with all wood chips, to enhance the experience with the extra flavor of real wood smoke and steam.

This smoker box can be used with all types of gas grills since it’s only 1.25 inches tall. It’s 5 inches wide and 8.25 inches long so it can sit over multiple burners to add that great smoke flavor to anything you are grilling. 

It’s the wood that makes it good!

“I’ve had a smoker box in all my gas grills this one lasts, unlike the thin stainless ones. This makes it quick and easy to grill up a burger or steak and have real smoke flavor. Try mesquite for a more intense smoke flavor” – Craig

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