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Cameron’s Specialty Coffee – Jamaican Me Crazy

Cameron's Specialty Coffee - Jamaican Me Crazy

If you don’t drink coffee because you don’t like the taste or because it gives you an upset stomach. Then you are drinking the wrong coffee.

Coffee should be flavorful, enjoyable, and delightful.

It’s shouldn’t be bitter, acidic, overbearing, and have you reaching for the tums.

Cameron’s Jamaican Me Crazy Blend is crafted to be the smoothest, most flavorful coffee possible. This flavored coffee tastes of caramel and vanilla with a low acid profile. It’s the perfect coffee for a lazy Sunday morning or sipping on all day long. Made from only the top 10% of Arabica coffee beans in the world, its hand-crafted to perfection, always smooth, never over-roasted, never bitter.

Kind, gentle, small-batch roasting, unsure perfection. Then they protect the quality of the beans by immediately cooling them at the precise moment they reach the desired roast level. This proprietary process cools the beans quickly and evenly, with minimal air exposure, for optimal freshness.

This is the type of coffee you wake up to drink. It’s a sweet delight first thing in the morning. Unlike your spouse.

“We’re crazy for this amazingly good coffee. It’s the highlight of our morning for well over a decade. And I usually have about a pot a day of it, so drinkability is huge.” – Craig

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