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Carhartt – Custom Cargo Area Liner

Carhartt - Custom Cargo Area Liner

Is the back of your SUV always recked from all the stuff you haul? Gardening supplies, fishing equipment, tools, and hunting gear are never clean. Blankets never stay in place and hard plastic trays are cumbersome. If so your cargo area space has probably seen better days.

The Carhartt Custom Cargo Area Liner protects the value of your SUV while adding the iconic style and protection Carhartt is known for. The Cargo Area Liner provides a perfect fit with maximum coverage for the best protection. Carhartt Custom Cargo Area Liners by Covercraft are custom patterned to fit your exact cargo space and back of rear seats. We use exact measurements for a perfect fit to ensure you can still fold your split seats as needed while keeping them protected, With perfectly placed hook & loop strips where you need them to allow your split seats to operate up or down on either side so you never lose the functionality you need in your vehicle. We also sew in quick-release buckles and tie-downs exactly where you need them to properly secure your cargo area liner. Carhartt Cargo Area Liners are made with a heavy-duty Duck Weave fabric that is super tough and waterproof. A fold-out bumper flap is included for additional protection of the bumper area ideal for those heavy items you need to slide into the cargo space.

Perfect for trips to the hardware store, garden center, lake, or hunting trip.

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