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Chain Locker – Chainsaw Chain Storage Case

Chain Locker - Chainsaw Chain Storage Case

If you have a chain saw you likely have extra chains. Even hanging on a pegboard they get tangled. It’s even worse when you are out in the field trying to change out a chain. The days are short enough without spending hours untangling chainsaw chains.

The Chain Locker Chainsaw Chain Storage Case is a universal storage case for all chains fitting bar sizes from 6″ – 20″. The 9 tabs make the Chain Locker extremely universal. Each Chain Locker can fit just a couple of chains or up to 8 – 16 chains depending on the types and sizes of chains to be stored. Each Chain Locker is built with UV-resistant polypropylene and all hinges and latches are manufactured with 1/8″ diameter stainless steel pins. Hinges are frame reinforced. Made in the USA, patent-pending. 

Perfect for keeping chains from tangling in the field.

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