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Clevr – 80 Quart Party Wagon Rolling Ice Chest

Clevr - 80 Quart Party Wagon Rolling Ice Chest

You’ve probably got a garage fridge and a fire pit. So instead of all the back and forth, you could get a cooler out. But know you are lugging a cooler around.

So then you think, I’ll put the cooler in the Gorilla Cart.

But what if you had a Gorilla Cart that was only dedicated to beverages…..

The Clevr 80 QT Party Cooler Wagon Rolling Ice Chest is perfect for outdoor summertime parties and gatherings. With 10″ inflatable all-terrain wheels, it will easily get your drinks to any outdoor picnic, party, campsite, beach, or park. The intelligently designed cooler will keep beverages and food cold with the added convince of the raised rolling cart feature and built-in bottle opener with catch tray. The bright red color body makes it stand out, and also easy for cleaning.

A little red wagon for grown-up boys and girls!

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