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Climate Right – 300W Electric Dog House Heater

Climate Right - 300W Electric Dog House Heater

If you have dogs, cats, chickens, Guinea pigs, Guinea fowl, hedgehogs or some other animal that lives outside in the winter, they need a warm place to shelter. A dog house our chicken coop won’t keep them warm enough without supplemental heat.

The Climate Right 300W dog house heater mounted in your animal shelter will provide heating to keep animals safe and comfortable in cold climates. Installation couldn’t be easier, with simple wall mount hardware and no venting required. The 300W heater features an internal fan to safely distribute heat and ensure that the box will never overheat. The heater has three temperature range settings (and turns off when the upper boundary temperature is reached while the fan continues to run. When temperature drops below the lower boundary temperature, the heater comes back on.

It is perfect for heating dog houses, cat houses, rabbit houses, chicken coops and more.

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