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CoolerClips – Shelves and Cupholders

CoolerClips - Shelves and Cupholders

Coolers are great for keeping your cold stuff cold while tailgating, hiking, hunting, fishing or just hanging out. But modern coolers have one major design flaw. The flat top causes everyone to think it’s a table. So when you are ready for another drink, you have to clear all the contents off.

CoolerClips™ is a clip that connects to your cooler for attaching accessories like shelves and cupholders. It is comprised of a “C’ clip, channel bracket, and accessory (cupholder/table board.) CoolerClips easily attaches to hard and soft coolers, of most brands like Yeti, RTIC, ORCA, IGLOO, Stanly, Coleman, and Engel. It immediately creates a convenient platform for slides on cupholder, cutting board/table board. The “C” clip fits into the tie-down holes on your cooler and the channel bracket, which comes attached to the accessory of choice, slides onto the “C” clip and locks into place with the plunger lock. For soft coolers, there is a “V” bracket that secures on the webbing on your cooler and provides the platform for the “C” clip to slide into.

Makes a perfect platform for mixing cocktails on the go!

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