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Corona – Sharpening Tool

Corona - Sharpening Tool

Almost every other article on social media these days is telling you to use the Coronavirus lockdown time to sharpen your skills.

Well, this isn’t one of those. This is a better Corona and it’s about sharpening your pruners. Which if you have never done is a pro-level skill you need.

And to do it properly you need this little tool.

The Corona Sharpening Tool is a compact super carbide file is ideal for sharpening all your non-saw cutting tools. If you have hand pruners or by-pass loppers, it will bring an edge back to them. You won’t ruin the temper, which will happen if you use a power grinder. It features a no-slip grip and fits easily in your pocket. 

It’s small but this thing will do the job.

“I was given this as a gift and thought, great, I am going to lose this so fast. But it is amazing, mighty little too! It’s great to keep your loopers and hand pruner in razor-sharp cutting condition.” -Craig

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