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Costa Del Mar – Blackfin Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Blackfin

No doubt that wearing your 1980’s throwback Wayfarers is a cool look.

But is it at all practical when you are working or playing as hard as you do?

Why not upgrade to a lightweight, durable, high-resolution pair of sunglasses that look cool, stay in place, and protect your peepers?

Costa Del Mar Blackfins are the shades you need. Among their best sellers for years, the Blackfin series fits great under a ball cap and refuses to slip down your nose or off your ears when things get a little heated.

Most importantly, the lightweight 580p lenses are polarized and scratch-resistant. Polarized lenses help protect against the harmful effect the sun has on your retina, not to mention helps prevent the squint lines you get from trying to see in a heavy glare.

Costa shades are made by professionals that understand sport and work needs. For terrestrial activities, chose the copper lens which provides clarity in low light and still protects you in the high sun. If you find yourself on the water or a treeless plain and need maximum glare protection, try the blue or green mirror tint.

A great investment in your eye health, comfort, and scenery viewing wherever you are.

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