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Cowhides.com – Natural Cowhide Area Rugs

Cowhides.com - Natural Cowhide Area Rugs

If you are looking to tie a room together, you could go with the traditional area rug.

Or you could add a bit of style and interest with a natural cowhide rug.

The Cowhides.com natural cowhide area rugs are all unique in patterns and colors ranging from white to brindle and metallic and is also available in tricolors providing a wide variety to choose the perfect area rug to match with your room’s interior. 100% Genuine cowhide area rug so the color and shade may vary as it is a natural product. The calf cowhide rug is perfect for any room and is its own masterpiece. Note: Marks, color, and size variations are natural characteristics of the leather and make each cowhide unique.

And unlike traditional rugs, cowhides are hypoallergenic

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