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Diaotec – Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal Outdoor Repeller

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Are you sick of barn swallows building their nests on your home? Do you have raccoons and rabbits that are destroying your garden?

Shooting migratory birds is illegal. Raccoons are whiley and cute. Your best option is to humanely scare them off.

The Diaotec solar-powered ultrasonic animal repeller drives animals by sending out ultrasonic waves, high-frequency alarms, and 2 strong LED flashing lights. When the animal’s activity is detected by the infrared sensor (PIR), it will trigger the ultrasonic loudspeaker to emit high-frequency noise, which makes the animal uncomfortable (but does not affect humans), so it will keep the animal away. Powered by solar & rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries. It also can be charged with USB cable (USB cable not included in the package). The animal repeller has an advanced PIR detection system that drives away pest animals by trigging short-term bursts of powerful ultrasound. It is safe and harmless to pests, animals, humans and environments. No longer worry about cats, dogs, squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, deer, birds, rabbits, or wild boars destroying your house, yard, or garden or eating your plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Set up multiple units to protect every area of your property.

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