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Duluth Trading – Cab Commander

Duluth Trading - Cab Commander

Whether you are a busy parent, a sales rep, or working in the trades, the front seat of your vehicle is your office.

Everything is in reach until you stop short. Then it’s all on the floor. That awkward shuffle when you need to give someone a ride is fun too. Them standing around waiting as you chuck your stuff into the back seat. Where it all eventually ends up on the floor.

Take charge of car clutter, end the seat shuffle, and get organized.

The Cab Commander car organizer solves the clutter problem and has a place for everything. Files, pens, tools, flashlight, laptop, cables, drink holder, cell phone and more. Attaches with one buckle easily to the passenger seat. It swings around out of the way to the back when you have a passenger. Or can be carried into your real office.

This exclusive Duluth Trading organizer bag, made from tough 1200-denier fabric, features a large padded main compartment for storing your laptop, or binder. Side sleeves hold your Thermos® or water bottle so your stuff is always where you put it. 

Seat Shuffle – That fun dance your passenger does when they try to get into your car but can’t because your front seat is full of crap.

“This thing is awesome. Working out of my truck as a director of sales, I needed to be organized. I could always find my notes or laptop. And my stuff was no longer on the floor from a quick stop or hard turn.” – Craig

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