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Earth Carpet – Lawn Seed

Earth Carpet Lawn Seed

The type of grass in your yard has a huge impact on how much water and fertilizer it’ll need to look great.

But those 3 lbs bags of seed at the Big-Box store are optimized to keep their cash registers green, not your lawn or your wallet.

Now that you’re on an acreage, you need to buy in bigger quantities and select seed that is optimized for your conditions. This will save you time, money and ensure a beautiful yard.

Earth Carpet® turf seed mixes offer a versatile portfolio of proven products, from economy to elite options to fit your unique lawn goal. Earth Carpet mixes not only deliver consistent results, but they’ll also save you money and time. Their quality seed means less cost and labor on water, fertilizer, pest control, and excessive mowing. Higher quality turf with less work. Guaranteed.

Earth Carpet® turf seed mixes are uniquely formulated to deliver beautiful lawns over a wide variety of soil types, conditions, budgets, and goals. From Professional mixes, Bluegrass, Shade, Fescue and more. For detailed characteristics on each mix, visit the mix product pages and pick out the perfect seed blend for your conditions.

Need help figuring it out, no problem, check out this guide.

Ensure the green stays in your wallet and you get seed that’s optimized to give you the lush green lawn of your dreams with Earth Carpet.

“In three of my four acreages have used Earth Carpet blends. And the one I didn’t use an Earth Carpet seed blend on was terrible.” – Craig

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