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Earthwise – 16″ Battery Snow Blower

Earthwise - 16

Why would you ever need such a small snow blower? You’ve got hundreds of feet of driveway.

But this isn’t for your driveway. It’s for that giant deck you have. Or the large covered porch. Places where that large 2-stage snowblower won’t fit.

The Earthwise 16″ battery-powered, cordless electric snow thrower makes it easy to move up to 8-inch deep snow. It is powered by a 40-volt battery that is quiet yet powerful enough to throw the snow over 30 feet. You no longer have to worry about tangled cords or harmful fumes when moving snow. Earthwise cordless electric snow shovel has several convenient features such as an ergonomic handle, rear 6 in. wheels, dual blade auger, and adjustable discharge. A feature most powered snow shovels do not have. Plus the dual rear wheels mean you don’t have to carry it the whole time. Comes with a battery and fast charger.

Make quick work of moving snow without scooping.

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