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Ego Power+ – 14″ Chainsaw

Ego 14 chain saw

What’s louder than the sound of a two-cycle chainsaw motor?

The sound you make when it won’t start. Oh, let’s not even mention the fumes, the mixing of fuel, and it leaking all over you.

The Ego Power+ 14″ Chainsaw is one of the most powerful rechargeable saws on the market. Its’ removable battery packs 40% more power than others.

It’s perfect for trimming trees along fence lines or around the yard. Each charge lasts about 20-minutes of cut time (130-450 cuts). If you want to cut all day, get a couple of extra batteries that will work with all Ego products.

Ya, it’s electric, but this thing gets the job done. It’s more lumberjack than lumbersexual.

“I’ve been using this for over a year to remove old apple trees. Works every time I want to use it.” – Craig

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