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EGO – Z6 Zero Turn Mower

EGO - Z6 Zero Turn Mower

Mowing can be a nice escape. Put on the headphones and enjoy your time outdoors.

But gas mowers are loud, smelly and they need fuel and oil changes. Now you can forget about all that.

The Ego Z6 is engineered to deliver the equivalent of 22 Horsepower and reaches speeds up to eight miles per hour.
It will cut 2 acres on a single charge with four 10Ah batteries (included). Just add more batteries to cut 3, 4, 5 or as many acres as needed – unlike any other battery-powered ZTR in the market. The EGO Intuitive LCD interface gives you complete customization of your mowing experience. Including three driving modes—Standard for everyday use, Control for protecting turf, and Sport for precision cuts around sharp turns. The adjustable hydraulic seat will give you a comfortable mowing experience.

Improve your mowing experience without the hassles of engine maintenance.

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