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Even Embers – Pellet Patio Heater

Even Embers - Pellet Patio Heater

You know you want to spend more time outside, but it isn’t much fun when it’s cold out. So take the chill out of the air and enjoy that tailgate, ice fishing, or backyard activity.

The Even Embers Pellet Fueled Patio Heater is designed to provide heat from your toes to your nose. The Even Embers Pellet Patio Heater out-performs traditional Propane Heaters by providing more heat fueled by hardwood pellets, saving up to 75% of the average fuel cost of the traditional propane units.
It can be adjusted between high and low settings providing the perfect warmth solution for any outdoor setting. The Even Embers Pellet Patio Heater requires no cords, no auger, and easy ash clean-out system for a quick and easy cleanup process.

With an enclosed flame which makes it great for dry climates.

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