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Exmark – Lazer Z Diesel 144″

If you have more than 5 acres of mowing on your acreage, then you need to consider a commercial-grade mower. If you have a really big property, then you need a really big mower. But large one-piece decks don’t cut evenly on rolling terrain.

The new Exmark Lazer Z Diesel zero-turn mowers make quick work of the largest and toughest jobs. The new 144-inch UltraCut Flex Wing cutting deck, (Ya that’s 12 feet!!) features three 48″ decks to follow the landscape contours to deliver a high-quality cut. The flex wings pivot 20-degrees up and 15-degrees down on sloping terrain. The Lazer Z Diesel can mow 11.5 acres per hour, powered by a cutting-edge Yanmar diesel engine, this is the most productive mower Exmark has built.

The 3 independently moving decks will ensure you get a clean mow, even over uneven surfaces.

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