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Fast Growing Trees – Korean Lilac Tree

Korean Lilac Tree

Do you have a small flower bed near your house that needs a little something extra?

Is the ornamental tree selection at the local big box store underwhelming?

You need a statement piece with long-lasting, vivid color.

The Korean Lilac Tree gives you a long blooming period and a symphony of color and fragrance. It’s becoming a new favorite among lilac lovers, avid gardeners, and landscape designers. This is one of the most colorful, most fragrant lilac varieties you can find. When placed in tight areas near your home, it makes an unbelievable statement.

Fast Growing Trees has meticulously grown the Korean Lilacs to adapt and acclimate well to your homescape. Reap the rewards of gorgeous growth, vivid color, and carefree upkeep.

Sweet days of springtime, the Lilacs in bloom. We can’t grow jasmine here…

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