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Forloh – Insect Shield® SolAir Lightweight Pants

Forloh - Insect Shield® SolAir Lightweight Pants

We found a tick in the house today, the first day that it was over 80 degrees this year. If you can’t stand ticks, mosquitos, and other biting insects, until now your only option was to douse yourself in bug spray when you went outdoors.

The Forloh Insect Shield® SolAir Lightweight Pants are durable do-it-all pants. Plus they are the most technologically advanced warm-weather outdoor pants on the planet. Insect Shield® protection is built right in and lasts the expected lifetime of the product. Insect Shield® repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges without the smell. They also feature FORLOH’s flagship cooling technology, NEW brrr® Pro. Which is cooling minerals built into the fibers that keeps you cooler immediately upon it touching your skin. Proven in lab testing to keep your skin temperature -3.5F +/- cooler, during and after the rigors of any outdoor activity. It doesn’t stop there, brrr® Pro also promotes hyper-wicking, by expanding the wicking properties of the fabric by over 300%, which will dry these pants in minutes, and boasts a world-leading 1000+ UPF rating, making this the ultimate protection from prolonged sun exposure.

Be more comfortable and get more enjoyment in the outdoors with Forloh.

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