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Gangster Armor – Grip Handle for 20 oz Tumbler (2 pack)

Gangster Armor - Grip Handle for 20 oz Tumbler (2 pack)

When drinking from a stainless steel mug outside in the cold, it can make your hands cold. Your tumbler might even slip out of hand. Which will cause dents in that high-dollar mug. Protect your mug and make it easier to hold.

Gangster Armor Grip Handle for 20 oz Tumblers fits all brands of tumblers. No matter what Tumbler you own from 12 to 24 ounces, the silicone will snug and fit your favorite reusable cup. It is tight enough to fit a smaller 12 oz cup or slim cup and can stretch enough to fit up to the 24 oz cups. Fits YETI, CAMLEBAK, OZARK, RTIC, SIMPLE, BEAST, and GANGSTER.

The handle will help you to get a good grip on your cup. It is has a 7mm thickness to make it sturdy and strong enough to hold your cup as a beer mug. The handle will be tall enough so it can still fit in most cup holders in your car, boat, or RV. The bottom silicone boot makes it shockproof when dropping your cup on any surface and absorbs impact. Notice the difference when putting on a glass table. The boot also makes your cup anti-slip and anti-damage.

Comes in a two-pack so you can give one to a friend.

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