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Garage Smart – Motorized Platform Lifter

Garage Smart Platform Lifter

Springtime. Also known as garage storage maximization season.

Don’t be stupid about the limited space you have to stow your toys and tools…be smart.

Garage Smart motorized platform lifter quickly and easily mounts to the ceiling of your storage space. This enables the 3’X3’ steel-framed storage platform to be lifted out of the way and out of sight until you need to access it again. The platform holds a sturdy 175 pounds per platform so you can hoist the heaviest of totes or seasonal gear out of the way all the way up to 16’ ceiling heights.

The coolest thing is that the 120-volt system is iOS and Android compatible so you can use your phone as a wireless controller! The simple DIY installation will have you storing your coolers and compressors out of the way in minutes.

The Platform Lifter provides what standard shelving can’t: Really cool space optimization.

So, clean up your garage the smart way with Garage Smart.

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