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Garant – Nordic Steel Snow Pusher

Garant - Nordic Steel Snow Pusher

Did you know there are four types of snowfall? Five types of snowfall and five types of snow cover?

That means there are over…. Well, it means there are a lot of types of snow.

So, if you think one type of shovel will do the job to clean your walkway, well it wont.

The Garant – Nordic Steel Snow Pusher will help you quickly remove light snow from large surfaces. Its 24 in blade is made from a single piece of high-quality steel. This lets you easily remove snow, ice and more from paved surfaces. Designed for those who want a quality product at a competitive price.

For fast clean up of light snow and ice, you need a spring steel pusher.


“I’ve had one of these since my first house, it’s great. Everyone needs one of these in addition to a scooper.” – Craig

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